Molnár Viktor

Molnár Viktor


1.How did you qualify for the Go Double Leadership Incentive? 

I gave advices to Anikó Joresz and Gábor André from my Ruby experiences, but this achievement was their merit. Because words without acts are worthless. I thank them for their faith !

2.How many people did you talk to each day to get you here?

This is a hard question, because my philosophy is that I rather talk to 2000 people and search for those who have the right mentality, than to be forced to work together with  people who do not understand or appreciate the opportunity given by Nu Skin.  So I do not count the candidates. I search until I find the person I am looking for. I talk to more people than I thought at the beginning, but it is worth it.

3. What were your goals leading up to this achievement?

I wanted them to live through the great present that was given to us on the Ruby trip. I wanted with all my heart to be part of this giving. In my opinion there is no other thing that can be more amazing, then sharing this experience. Let’s say I love  noble goals. J

4.What is your next step?  What new goals have you set?

Mountains of Rubies! I love seeing them when they disopp in a pleasant way. J I love seeing them when they realize what the real Nu Skin values are, and they commit themselves among the freedom.

5.What is your favorite motivational quote?

You have all the strength needed to accomplish every dream you have. But some work might be needed during J


6. If you could tell others one thing to help them to achieve the Go Double Leadership Incentive, what would it be?

Just do it!!!

7.  What do you plan to do with the $1,000?

I already spent it in advance J I spent it with my new frontline Rubies, by completing their Ruby trip. We went to Las Vegas , where they got 2 days holiday, then we flew over to Florida for another 4 days vacation.  The cost of the extra trip and the airline tickets were covered by the 1000 USD . This amendment  was a big help from the company that this way they could enjoy an Emerald lifestyle , and gave them the motivation to achieve it ,step by step!