Henriette Albrecht & Uwe Ruthard

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Henriette Albrecht & Uwe Ruthard


How did you qualify for this incentive?

Besides the work with our first lines we always kept an eye on working regularly and consequently with eager partners in our “depth” as well. Combined with the excellent work from all our active partners, we have been able to develop two new Ruby Executives in our first line this year alone. This, of course, makes us especially happy.


How do you talk about „Go double“?

We took over this incentive immediately after the Convention in Copenhagen into all our trainings. We did much face-to-face training and we also included the „Go double - Signature“ into our Emails. 


What will be your next step with Nu Skin?

We are going to continue the work and keep supporting many business partners in becoming successful! Another goal is to “go double” with the Vitameal donations in our entire downline. And of course, to achieve the „Team Elite“ status.


How do you help your downlines to achieve their goals?

There is a nice phrase: „You can´t teach what you don´t know and you can´t lead where you don´t go! “ As a leader, the first thing you have to do is to exemplify what you ask for in order to duplicate your business. 


What is your favourite motivational phrase?

„Aim for the moon - even if you miss it, you will still end up between the stars!”


What are you going to do with the 1000,-- USD bonus?

With this money we are going to fly to Salt Lake City to the Convention, so that we can have a good time with the Rubies from our organization.

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