Amelia De Kalbermatte

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Amelia De Kalbermatte


1. How did you qualify for the Go Double Leadership Incentive?

Answer: being a Lapis executive, I have 2-3 executives under me. And one of my executives, a very active, dynamic and positive person, developed her business in a very efficient and quick manner, managing to get 4 executives directly under her. This obviously made her a Ruby Executive and I could qualify for the incentive.


2. How many people did you talk to each day to get you here?

Answer: just her, as she had the potential and was developing very well. And actually, she did the same!!!


3. What were your goals leading up to this achievement?

Answer: Fun and a feeling of pride that one of my executives could reach it.


4. What is your next step?  What new goals have you set?

Answer : my next step is to become a Ruby executive myself. And as for the time being i am still corporate and have 2 other jobs, I use my spare time to reach my goal by the end of this year.


5. What is your favorite motivational quote?

Answer: “where there is a will, there is a way”. Always tried to follow it in my life.


6. If you could tell others one thing to help them to achieve the Go Double Leadership Incentive, what would it be?

Answer: accompany your distributors and executives, motivate them. Be their friend.


7. What do you plan to do with the $1,000?

Answer: invest in an exhibition stand, in a well-being big exhibition in Geneva, to reach out more people , be it future preferred customers or distributors.

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