Go Double: South Africa Trip

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Go Double: Leadership Incentive – Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Congratulations to the Distributors who successfully qualified for this incentive and enjoyed a fabulous all-expense-paid trip to South Africa.

This incentive was a great tool to help Distributors grow their business with a strong foundation.

As a reminder, to qualify for this incentive, between October 2010 through September 2011, qualifiers were paid an additional US$1,000 bonus for each of the Generation One (front‐line) Distributor in their downline that they helped to become a Ruby Executive. When the qualifiers created 4 new Ruby Executives, they and their 4 new Rubies qualified for the Go Double:  EMEA Leadership Incentive Trip to South Africa.

In addition, the Team Elite upline or Blue Diamond upline could attend the trip by qualifying as a Blue Diamond or Team Elite under the terms of the Sales Compensation Plan and increase the total number of their Generation One Leadership Points by 4 from September 2010 to September 2011

To learn more about the qualifiers, see quotes and photos below.

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Kent og Kristine (Copy)

Kristine & Kent: If we can describe anything extreme it will be this trip – we loved every second of it!

Iris and Roar (Copy)

Iris & Roar: This was a magic experience and to explore this with fantasic friends and collegues

Monika and Frode (Copy)

Monika Bostad & Frode Hellesvik: Our experience in South Africa was absolutely fantastic – the program Nu Skin had set up was so more than we expected!

Mona and Odd Erik (Copy)

Mona & Odd Erik Kristiansen: We are filled with gratitude after a truly fantastic  stay in Cape Town. Getting to know your collegues in this unique setting creates lifelong friendships and build brigdes in a positive way.

Anca of Michael (Copy)

Anne Cathrine & Michael Eid: The Difference Demonstrated" is the Nu Skin slogan, the Africa trip was that as well. It truly showed how different lives we humans are born in to. We are forever grateful and we were yet again reminded how important it is to succeed in this business, so that we can help people in so many ways :-)