LTO Bonus

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EMEA Limited Time Offer Bonus

Now until 31 March, 2014, Plan, Build and Grow your organisation and you will get rewarded with a cash bonus. How much will it be?  You decide!


To take advantage of this incentive, between 01 November, 2013 and 31 March, 2014:


· Get paid on shares in the EMEA Springboard Bonus and the EMEA Executive Duplication Bonus

· Be paid as an Executive and participate in the TR90 Limited Time Offer in April 2014 by buying five TR90 packages either personally or in your Circle Group


And in May 2014, you will get an extra €50 for each share that you have been paid on in the qualification period! 


EMEA Limited Time Offer Bonus Terms and Conditions


Remember, as you participate in the EMEA Limited Time Offer Bonus that the primary purpose of your business and Nu Skin is to sell high-quality products to retail customers. As part of this process, you may sponsor other Distributors in the business to build your sales organisation and train them how to retail products. However, the recruitment of other Distributors is not your primary focus, but rather an integral part of your fundamental obligation to sell products and increase the sales of products to retail customers by your downline organisation.




The Programme is open to all Nu Skin Executives who are legally residing in the Nu Skin officially open markets of Europe, Middle-East and Africa region (EMEA Region). Distributors from any other markets are excluded from participation.


For the Executive Duplication Bonus or the Springboard Bonus Terms and Conditions, please visit or contact your local Account Manager.



Distributors with excessive product returns in their organisation will be disqualified. Nu Skin reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine what constitutes excessive returns.

Any manipulation, as determined in the sole discretion of Nu Skin, of this Programme’s qualification criteria will disqualify anyone attempting to benefit from the action. Nu Skin reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude from this Programme, in its sole and absolute discretion, any individual or distributorship for any reason, including without limitation, violation of any portion of these Terms and Conditions, or tampering with or manipulating the Sales Compensation Plan in violation of the Distributor Policies and Procedures either during the Programme or throughout the receiving of any bonus. Nu Skin reserves the right to withhold final approval on all bonuses pending verification of compliance to the Programme Terms and Conditions, Nu Skin’s Distributor Policies and Procedures and to ensure that there has been no manipulation of the Sales Compensation Plan. Distributors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Nu Skin and its affiliates for all losses, damages, claims, costs, fees and expenses of whatever kind or nature arising from or in connection with Distributor’s violation of this Rules and Regulations.

In the event any Sales Compensation Plan manipulation or other activity in violation of the Distributor contract becomes known after awards have already been given to a Distributor, Nu Skin reserves the right to deduct the amounts awarded from future commission payments and/or take any other action provided for under the Distributor contract with Nu Skin.


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