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Hey, I'm Sabine! I’m 32 years old, and I live near Cologne. A few years ago, I had the desire to start my own beauty business. My job at that time as a marketing manager in a well-known IT company was not badly paid, but it did not fully challenge me, nor did it allow me to realise my potential. I wanted more! I wanted to achieve more than average in life, to be able to schedule my own agenda freely, and above all, to be my own boss!


So I fought for my dreams: I did numerous pieces of training in the beauty area, started my own small beauty business part-time and success came quickly! I loved to support my customers, to help them to get radiant skin as a beautician and to pamper them all round. However, leisure time with family and friends became a foreign concept for me at the same time, and I have worked more than 12 hours a day in recent years. Despite this immense effort, it was unfortunately not enough! I felt like I was chained to my office job. My fixed salary and paid holiday gave me security, and I did not trust my own small beauty business enough to take the step into full independence.


Literally overnight, however, everything changed! As if by fate, I met my sponsor Katharina Grosam and her enthusiasm for Nu Skin products and business opportunities convinced me to try harder. I started integrating Nu Skin products in the beauty applications I offered in my cosmetic studio, so that my customers could get to know those products and fall in love with them. The number of recommendations and new customers increased steadily, and my sales also got a real upswing. My customers were happier than ever. In a very short time, I felt confident enough to live my ambitions, which really changed my life. I fully focused on my dream of independence and felt that my beauty business was finally standing on solid ground.


Today I am more confident, positive and courageous than ever! I live my dream as an independent beauty studio owner, work freely and independently, travel the world with my husband and just feel at home. But the best thing is that not only has my life turned 180 degrees, but also those of my team members. I love to see them grow, to walk the path with them and to share all my experiences with them. Nu Skin is absolutely enriching, and I am thankful every day for this opportunity. And, yet I already know: I am far from reaching my goal! A great journey is still ahead of me, and I look forward to every single moment. Because: People don't grow up at their destination, but on the way there!

March 2020



Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. This is not a get rich quick program, there are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants.

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