Dina & Eddie Engelbrecht

Dina Engelbrecht

I was introduced to the business in 2010.  At that time I was a full time mom with 4 boys. My boys were ages 3, 4, 8 and 9 years old. I loved the fact that I could be with my boys all the time, although I felt I could do more with my time and talents.


My husband wanted me to start a Guest House, but I did not want to because of the long hours that go into that business, and it would rob me of too much time with my kids.


I went to a Nu Skin presentation and just loved the science behind the company, products and the Bio-photonic scanner.


My dream in the beginning was just to be able to buy the best supplements for my children and my family.  I also wanted to be financially independent and to have time and money freedom.


My biggest motivation is to help other mother’s achieve financial freedom.  Nu Skin has transformed my life in the sense that I have financial freedom because of re-occurring income.  My husband and my children are healthy.  I have seen this business transform so many other families’ lives:  financially and in their health.


My most memorable moment with Nu Skin was with one of our Success Trips in Morocco!  Hundreds of Nu Skinners out in the dessert with 5-star treatment and wining and dining! Fireworks in that star-lit night sky!


Goals are extremely important, because this is what keeps me and my team on track when times get tough.  Our goals are all different, and that is why it is so important to find out what each of my Executives’ own goals are.  This makes achieving their goals possible.  Putting goals in writing makes them concrete and we can reflect back on them. It helps us to keep our focus on what we set out to achieve.


Keeping my goal in focus daily was easy because I absolutely LOVE what I do!  I love seeing families’ lives changed for the better! I always say, “How can I change the world? One family at a time”.


Challenges are part of life.  I had two major setbacks in my past 7 years, when quitting seemed to be an option.  Both times, perseverance and the deep desire within me to not give up helped me not to quit. Also the sincere support that I had from my upline Nicolas van Rensburg, was one of the anchors that kept me going when times were tough.


I always did my utmost best to attend any Nu Skin events or meetings.  Living far away from the big cities where the Nu Skin meetings were held, made this a bigger challenge for me. But I believe in the end this was my saving grace. After one such event I went home determined to start weekly meetings with the “Magic Show” being one of the focus points.  This led to new people attending, which led to new recruits which eventually spiraled into the amazing group of enthusiastic leaders we are today. People have always been my passion, and this has just grown and grown. The Lord has truly blessed my business and given me the most amazing team of people to work with. We work hard, we laugh together, we cry together and support each other. I believe people have the need to belong, and we have the perfect vehicle to fulfill this need. I absolutely love what I do, and the financial freedom is life changing.  I am truly thankful to the Lord for this opportunity and will always be grateful to Nu Skin for changing my life for the better.


I am ever grateful to my husband who has supported me all the way!  He has always believed in me, and seen the ability this company has to enrich people’s lives.