Teow Chiew Hoe & Lyonn Lee Leak Yong

Teow Chiew Hoe & Lyonn Lee Leak Yong

Executive Brand Director

"It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop."


Hard work, commitment, dedication and staying positive are Lyonn Lee Leak Yong and Teow Chiew Hoe's keys to their achievements - and these values show through the couple's sheer determination and passion in their Nu Skin business. Having achieved the Executive Brand Director titles recently, this dynamic couple is thankful for the opportunities that Nu Skin has provided them throughout their journey.


Lyonn, previously a medical sales representative and Teow, a mechanical engineer turned business contractor got to know about Nu Skin when they were seeking solutions to manage Teow's weight. “When we were introduced to Nu Skin ageLOC TR90 programme, we decided to try it out and it gives us positive results. We saw the potential of the brand and how it could help those who are concerned with weight management issues,” she says.


From thereon, the couple learned more about Nu Skin's products and business model, and upon finding it to be a feasible venture, Lyonn decided to go into the business. During the first few years in the business, Lyonn was pregnant twice but she didn't let her pregnancy stop her from doing her best. She shares that it is all about hard work, commitment, good time management and making sure there’s work-life balance.


To Lyonn, the business offered more than just leveraged income as there's significant self-transformation as well. Before Nu Skin, she lacked self-confidence and had a passive attitude. As progression in the business meant being able to lead a team, she worked hard to develop leadership skills which led to higher self-esteem and a more assertive nature. Along with her naturally warm personality and positive energy, she began to excel in the business. “Those who previously said “no” to me, eventually joined me in this business,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “This goes to show that with sincerity, friendliness and persistence, people will start to believe in you. Just keep going and when they see your results, they will come on board.”


Lyonn and Teow also attributed their achievements to the support they received from her peers. "We couldn't have done it without the support from our mentors, Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 6 Year Team Elite, Willing and KC; Executive Brand Director, Angie Ng; Senior Brand Directors, Caryn, Joelle as well as our team," Lyonn says. "We are ever so grateful for having them with us in our Nu Skin journey!"

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