Siamy Tan & Xavier Leung


Circle of Excellence I & Executive Brand Director

“Be in Excellence because the people around you deserve the best of you!”


There is a magnetism that attracts you to Siamy Tan; her voice, her choice of words and even in her quiet moments. She’s a force to be reckoned with for sure, but a welcome one no doubt, simply because Siamy brings with her a bucket-load of sincerity and honesty.


Siamy and her husband Xavier Leung are Nu Skin Circle of Excellence members. She is an architect and Xavier has a master’s in urban design and architecture, with an expertise in urban planning. Between them there is well over 30 years of experience, so it is rather interesting that they would make the shift to a line of business far from the drafting boards of Hong Kong.


Their entry into Nu Skin could be viewed as rather serendipitous; Siamy began consuming Nu Skin products to help her brother, Willing Tan to move his business to the next level. She started on the weight management program and it gave her good results. A year later, Siamy decided to join the business, but once again it wasn’t for herself. Rather, she was looking to teach the business to her domestic helpers in the hope that they could find independent, alternative incomes for themselves.


“My uplines were Circle of Excellence members who had the flexibility to live the lives they wanted, with plenty of time to spend with their children. We liked what we saw. So we started building the business ourselves. We never thought we would make an income from it,” says Siamy.


Siamy and Xavier are not ones to be limited, rather they live expansive lives where they engage and motivate people on a daily basis. They live the maxim leading by example, both at home and in the business, doing everything they expect their downlines to do. It is interesting then to hear Siamy says her role model in the business is who they will be in 5 years time – that sense of constant improvement – of making the choice to live lives of excellence, is refreshing to say the least.


For the couple, their three sons are the top most reason for the choices they’ve made.  “Our three sons, in the space of time we have spent with Nu Skin have come to see who their parents are. It’s not just words and instructions, but the opportunity to watch us become leaders, become better people because we are in contribution to somebody else,” says Siamy.


Siamy’s favorite product is the AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, not just because it is a fantastic product that creates winning smiles, but because it is a great entry point into the Nu Skin business as it is affordable to most people. In a sense, this is who Siamy and Xavier are, people who are looking to reach out and serve as many people as possible.


“We have touched so many lives. If I had stayed an architect, I would never have been able to touch so many. We can’t wait to work together to get to be Circle of Excellence II, because that would mean we have inspired more people. As leaders, we’ve become better people because we are in contribution to others,” says Siamy.

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