Gentiani Irma Katrina, S & J.W Saputro


With medical education as her educational background, graduated from Padjajaran University in Bandung, combine her knowledge in medical with her belief of business opportunity in Nu Skin Enterprises. Having Pharmanex supplement product that based on scientific and research dr. Genti grab market of people that concern the importance of stay health for human being Living in United State after married with Ir. Timothy J. Saputro, Msc, MBA,Ph.D. in 1995, her interest about nutrition and natural treatment getting strong when she learnt more abot natural health by taking online college as well as taking some subjects when she was a student of post graduated program at Public Health Department of Wisconsin - Madison


Understand of her wife passion about Nutrition and Nu Skin business, her husband who is a Professor at one of university in United State support dr. Genti to dig more Nu Skin potential business inIndonesia. For the last two years dr. Genti lives in Jakarta with her daughter – Rachel her only 11 years old daughter –separated from her beloved husband who still stay in United State


This couple and also their only daughter realized that is not easy to live separately. But they believe that their today’s scarification for better future. Optimism and strong believe to Nu Skin opportunity is the basic thing. The belief and trusting to God that accompanied every step of dr. Genti to the success until today.


There are a lot of things that she learns from all the up lines that reach the success in doing Nu Skin business. Back to early 2005, dr. Genti just joint Nu Skin in small city Pullman, Washington and she faced some challenges to do cold calling and presentation. Because the support from her up line who came to the city after riding for 5 hours dr. Genti learnt directly ‘how to do cold market’. It is very useful and she still doing that up today. “Only one key, which is always ready to talk to anybody sincerely and never give up,” dr. Genti revealed.


Motivated with picture with words ‘Never Give Up’ accompanied dr.Genti’s daily activities in United State and she really hold on to the words. Every time she felt down because facing big challenges, the words keep reminds her to stand up and continue the business that she called as marathon journey. As a long distance sprinter, dr. Genti believes that there is only one key to be successful,”Never give up! And never ever quit!”


According to dr. Genti, Nu Skin business is not only giving financial profit. It’s more than that,” Nu Skin business developed and shaped my character to be stronger. I got more opportunities to develop my leadership skill and build friendship that enrich the way of thinking”. Dr. Genti also said,”Nu Skin business also gives me opportunity to teach and share with many people about living healthy”.


Dr. Genti assured, the focus of the company on anti-aging with the products that measurable added more special value that only Nu Skin has. For her experience, through Nu Skin business, a lot of people feel the positive changing in the health, as well as get financial benefit at the same time


The success to achieve Blue Diaomond made dr. Genti has strong passion to help her down lines to becomes Blue Diamond  too. “Their success is my success to” said dr. Genti. “In long term my next goal is to become Team Elite with God help”.


Temporarily, they need to keep their missing feeling of sliding with the family  from the small hill that located behind their apartment at Wiconsin. But dr. Genti believes, it going to happen, even better in the future with Nu Skin.