Itt vagy még?


I think I should start with the biggest change that has happened to me in my 3 years with Nu skin. I am calm, finally calm, about my life and my children's future. This makes me a better mother, wife, daughter and business partner.


Above all, my self-esteem has increased significantly. I appreciate myself much more than I used to. Until 3 years ago, I called myself "the daughter of a bankrupt", and I was sure there was a curse hanging over me. Most of you will see this as strange or funny, but that is what happened. Luckily, there was hope for a better life in me. For many years I was looking for a company that I could connect with, where I could grow and use my potential. That is how I found Nu Skin, and that's how my dream came true. A few years ago, when I became a single mother, I dreamt that one day I would create an organisation that would help women like me fix their lives and their mindset, regain their sense of dignity and self-respect, and where no employer would ever say that children are an obstacle. Many of my business partners are just women like me, and I am incredibly proud of them and of myself as my organisation grows.


In the past, I reacted to every problem like an aggressive Yorkshire Terrier. Today, I solve every situation in a completely different way. I react differently to criticism, to hatred, and to people who are not sympathetic to other people. Another important thing that has come to my attention is that successful people do not have to be so terrible. I had the opportunity to meet Sandie Tillotson and Nathan Ricks – they are really great, NORMAL people! I was very stressed out before meeting Nathan, but the first sentence that came out of his mouth – "Tell me about your children" – completely changed the image I had of successful people. And here is another very important skill I have acquired while working with Nu skin – I am speaking English!


When building relationships, you must be a much better listener than a speaker. When you listen to the needs of the other person, the solution comes naturally. It is much easier to work with people when you consider them as important partners.


Since I joined Nu skin, my family's life has changed almost 180 degrees. We started exploring the world! We spent our first foreign holidays in Marbella, where SUCCESS SUMMIT took place in April 2018. It was our first trip by plane! And after many years of hard work, we finally started to build our own house, faster than we originally planned!


My business goal and life's dream is to help as many people as possible improve their lives and teach them to appreciate themselves more. We are all great! Different, but equal.


August 2020



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