Jeff Ghaemaghamy

Jeff Ghaemaghamy Team Elite

"If I can do it, so can you!"

If I can do it, so can you!


I was 26 yrs old with no business credibility, a high school dropout, NZ$70,000 in debt plus a mortgage, with three children under the age of five.  No one had ever given me anything on a silver platter. I had to struggle most of my life. I had to overcome so many obstacles - most of them were in my head.

I had a very bad acne problem and while visiting home, back in the USA, a friend who was a nurse said, “you should try Nu Skin it seems to be making a huge difference for people with skin challenges”.  Within weeks my skin was clear and although I didn't know anything about the skin care and anti-ageing industry I saw an opportunity.  My first obstacle was my own negative attitude about network marketing.  I had pre-conceived ideas which I realised were totally wrong when I dug a little deeper. I saw an opportunity of a life time with Nu Skin Enterprises, so I burnt my bridges and announced to my mother-in-law that I was going to market Nu Skin full time!  She wasn't happy.  Let’s just say I was very motivated.  This was my chance to change my life and give my family a different future.  We had nothing but we still had our dream.

It was October 1992 and the launch of Nu Skin in New Zealand was about 90 days away.  I would organise myself with a diary highlighting five appointments a day with a green for “green and growing" highlighter. I would then call and call and call to set appointments to fill them up. I called everyone I thought needed an opportunity (all my broke friends) and they all laughed at me. Even my own family wanted nothing to do with skin care and network marketing.  I had one video tape and 10 photocopied handouts of the opportunity, which I would loan out and get back from them, so I could recycle them to the next lot of prospects.  I was so broke I couldn’t afford to not get back the photocopied handouts to reuse!  I would drive to my prospect’s homes and park a block away so they wouldn’t see my old rusty Honda with a leaky sunroof and mushrooms growing in the carpet – after all I was showing them a way to make a lot of money and have freedom!   Most people cancelled their appointments.  I would turn up at people's home and no one was there.  I wanted to give up but deep inside I guess I was stubborn, maybe that was one of my keys to success. 


On 2nd January 1993, I got a call from Chris & Carol Pollack, our upline Blue Diamonds who had been coaching me. They told me the company was going to launch in NZ on 17th January and that they had organised John Sexsmith, a Team Elite, to come out to NZ a week before the launch.  We were so excited, I got on the phone and together with the dozen people who said they wanted in on the ground floor, we managed to get 140 people to my sister’s back yard for a BBQ to listen to this guy who had made millions.  The next day of those 140 people, 111 joined.  Back then we had no system, it was chaos; the blind leading the blind.  We turned over 11,000 points in our first month, 22,000 points in our second month, 28,000 points in our third month, then 32,000 points, then 44,000 points and then we became Executives.  Our first Executive cheque was for NZ$7,248.98. In the current improved compensation plan I would have made an extra $50,000 in those first few months. 

I thought with a little success it would get easier.  I went to everyone who told me it wouldn’t work and showed them my cheque, but now they said something different; they said it was too late for them, that they missed the opportunity.  Hearing “NO” after “NO” simply made me work harder; nothing was going to stop me from changing my life!!

I wish I could say it was easy.  I wish I could say I just called 15 people and they all caught the vision and followed through. Well the reality is... that out of the 300 Team Elites globally I was probably one of the slowest.  It took me 9 years to achieve Blue Diamond and then the following year I achieved Team Elite.  I had to call just over 1,000 people to sponsor 210 people to find the right people.

Today, after exactly 19 years, I have achieved Team Elite for the 9th year in a row.  Our business has turned over more than $100 million dollars and we enjoy an amazing lifestyle.  I estimated that aside from the million of dollars in commissions, we have had over $250,000 worth of travel, and made friends all over the world.  Our Team Elite trips have included amazing experiences like, cruising around the Mediterranean, a trip to Monte Carlo (including a private show from Andrea Bocelli), and trips to Maui, Hawaii and Fiji.


In 2008 we were taken to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I have never imagined a resort could be so big and so amazing. Then the company announced that for their 25th anniversary, the board of directors had budgeted the Team Elite trip at more than four times the usual budget, and had hired an entire cruise ship!  One of the most luxurious cruises in the world, we were treated to stops in Finland, Russia & Sweden.  This year we have just completed our 9th year and qualified for a trip to Paris. The only thing missing is having our leaders with us on these adventures.


I am so grateful for many things in my life including my freedom, I have met so many people who are smarter than me and more credible than me who said they wanted freedom but who didn't follow through. I guess that follow through is a second key to my success. 


So was it worth it? Absolutely!!!  I also want to say that when I started this business it was certainly all about the money. But I have gained something which I deem more valuable, and that is the friendships. I can't wait to see which of you follow through and makes your dreams come true.

I could never have accomplished this dream without the support of my fabulous family;

My son Nicholas, who is now 23, and a builder & property developer, my daughter Alexandra, just turned 22, who is about to start her Masters Degree in Botany at Otago University & my youngest daughter Jessica (19) who is about to travel for a year before going to University.

Lastly, I want to thank my partner Donna. We just celebrated our 14 year anniversary together, and I have appreciated all of her support with my love affair with this company.

I have never been more excited about the future and the opportunities which lie ahead with ageLOC. Now it's your turn. Enjoy the journey because life is not a rehearsal this is it!


Jeff Ghaemaghamy, New Zealand Team Elite
Qualified: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 soon