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Laurent Tonder

Laurent Tonder

Laurent Tonder

I am a beauty artist: hairstylist and professional make-up artist. I am also a hairstyling teacher.

The first time I heard about Nu Skin, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was amazed by the innovative, attractive and powerful aspects of the company and its products, but on the other hand, I was quite reluctant because it was a totally new way of doing business that had nothing to do with what I had learned until then. Another positive aspect is that it’s a complementary activity.


I always wanted to improve people’s lives, but unfortunately, people always took advantage of me. However, driven by my integrity, I continued to support others. That’s why I was attracted by the Nu Skin opportunity; I realised that I could help people in a thoughtful way. I used to give them the solution but now, I lead the way to success and they have to do what it takes to get there.


My biggest motivation is to make my loved ones happy. But I’m also driven by the desire to help others improve their lives, have a higher income and make their dreams come true.


Since I embarked on this adventure, every day I repeat to myself that I want to be the creator of my reality and live the life I dream of, and help others do the same. Thanks to Nu Skin, I became stronger and increasingly more organised. I questioned myself and stepped out of my comfort zone, which lead me to great achievements: I earned the Executive Duplication Bonus for the last quarter of 2015, I became a Ruby in less than a year even though my main activity is very time-consuming, I qualified for the EMEA Success Trip to Cape Town and above all, I inspire others by showing them that nothing is impossible.


Success can be reached by setting achievable and well thought-out goals, and carrying out targeted and specific actions. I leave nothing to chance, everything is calculated. For each objective I list a number of monthly, weekly and daily actions that are carried out and analysed in order to find out if they are efficient or not (and corrected when necessary). This business requires discipline, consistency and ongoing efforts. This is why I have a fine-tuned daily routine with an important step: writing down my goals. Writing means externalising my thoughts, analysing them, being aware of them and it is also a great way to not forget anything.

As an artist, I lost loads of ideas because I forgot to write them down. Now I write everything down, not only on paper but also on a board to have a broader vision of the situation. I also draw because the visualisation of the final goal is extremely helpful!

I believe that when you imagine your goal, you dream it. When you write it down, you are already taking a step towards that goal.

Every morning, I write down my goals and read them later during the day.

When I first began partnering with Nu Skin, I didn’t have this focus that leads me to success. As I was making a living out of my passion, I didn’t have great expectations for my Nu Skin business. I wasn’t totally committed to it and I wasn’t ready to cope with all the negative comments I heard, about the temporary nature of this business for example. I even quit for a while, because it wasn’t the right timing for me. But I soon realised I was lacking something: a pathway towards freedom.  In order to make my business evolve, I set an example for my teams by making the business attractive, by showing them that they can have fun while they work. You can only learn by doing. I give them all the keys to success and the most important one is duplication.  


I am in contact with my team members every day. It’s crucial to support them, to show them that they are not alone and reassure them. I organise information meetings and also publish live videos on Facebook. I even have a private Facebook group where I list all the steps to success. I also invite my teams to events, in order for them to experience and feel the extremely positive energy of our meetings. That’s how leaders are made.