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Jochen Hünert

Jochen Hünert

Jochen Hünert

Since starting the Nu Skin business, my life has changed enormously. My marriage belongs to the past. I am very grateful to be a better father to my children today and I recently have a new partner on my side. It is great! However, the biggest change is how I see and evaluate each situation in general. I do not get angry about this and that anymore. I just ask myself why a problem is there now, and how I could solve it.


If I could turn back the clock, I would start working earlier in network marketing!


Since starting my business, I have developed so much in a personal way! I have more courage and a lot of fun in everything I do. I have even taken over the position as a role model! In former times, I used to stay in the background to avoid making mistakes. But making mistakes is a great thing, provided that I learn something. This way I can improve myself. And to be honest – 95% of the mistakes I made have never been noticed by anyone.


Being in the business has taught me that I am able to do more and to reach everything I plan to do.

Even if the journey will be a long one – I am looking forward to it.


I want to tell many people in many countries how Nu Skin can help them to achieve their dreams, goals and wishes. One day, I will achieve the Team Elite pin title and celebrate this new achievement together with my team and Nu Skin.