Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What legal guidelines should Distributors follow as they participate in the Nourish the Children® initiative?
A: Things to be included and emphasised in every Nourish the Children presentation:

Nourish the Children® (NTC) is NOT a charity

  • NTC is a for profit venture
  • NTC is an initiative of Nu Skin Enterprises
  • NTC provides a mechanism for Distributors to contribute products, including VitaMeal to charity


NTC works in tandem with partner charities

  • Partners are registered charities
  • Never portray NTC in the context of a charity, either directly or indirectly
  • NTC’s affiliation with the partner charity should be emphasised in every presentation


Primary focus on Nu Skin Enterprises

  • NTC should never be presented as a stand-alone business opportunity
  • NTC is merely a subcomponent of what Nu Skin Enterprises does and should be presented as part of a presentation, which includes Nu Skin® and/or Pharmanex®
  • Customers and Distributors should be provided the opportunity to buy other products in addition to VitaMeal


No solicitations

  • NTC, Nu Skin Enterprises, or its Distributors may not solicit cash donations or contributions for NTC, rather Distributors should encourage others to purchase VitaMeal
  • Distributors may also disclose that NTC will make a matching contribution to partner charities as well as facilitate any donation of VitaMeal made directly to partner charities


Q: Are purchasers who choose to donate VitaMeal through the Nourish the Children® initiative able to take their donations as a tax deduction? 
A: Distributors are making an in-kind charitable contribution when making donations of VitaMeal products through the Nourish the Children® initiative. In the U.S., donors receive a receipt from Feed the Children, a registered 501c3 charity. We do not give tax advice and we do remind them to consult a tax adviser before making a determination as to whether or not the donation may be the basis for a personal tax deduction. In other countries, check with your local office or tax authority.