What is the Nu Skin Rewards program? 

The Nu Skin Rewards Program is designed to reward and thank loyal customers who purchase Nu Skin products on subscription. The Nu Skin Rewards program is your ticket to discover the best you through exclusive deals, delightful surprises, and personalized Nu Skin perks.    


What are the benefits of the Nu Skin Rewards program? 

 When you have a subscription order, you are automatically enrolled into Nu Skin’s Rewards, you will be eligible to receive the following rewards: 

• Special Subscription Pricing 

• Additional Subscription Benefits (Free shipping on subscriptions over $100 USD ($130 CAN), free items, etc.) 

• Vouchers  

Nu Skin Vouchers*


What are Nu Skin Vouchers?
There are 2 different vouchers under Nu Skin Rewards. 
$50 USD ($65 CAD) VOUCHER:

You will receive a $50 USD ($65 CAD) voucher for maintaining your subscription orders with a minimum of $100 USD ($130 CAD) for 3 consecutive months. 

$150 USD ($200 CAD) VOUCHER: 

You will receive a $150 USD ($200 CAD) voucher for maintaining your subscription orders with a minimum of $250 USD ($330 CAD) for 3 consecutive months.

*ALL Voucher options will ONLY be available to redeem on one-time orders. 
*You will not be able to overlap vouchers, you will be eligible for our $50 USD ($65 CAN) or the $150 USD ($200 CAD) but cannot earn both during the same three-month period.  
*Vouchers are sent after the 15th of the following month of qualification.  

Do Nu Skin Vouchers have an expiration date?
Yes, all Nu Skin Vouchers have a 60-day redemption window. After 60 days (about 2 months), the vouchers will no longer be redeemable.


Is there a discounted price for Subscriptions? 

 Yes. Nu Skin Rewards is designed to provide benefits to all members and customers on subscription. Your subscription will provide the best member and customer prices offered by Nu Skin as well as the lowest shipping costs on every subscription order. 


How does the Nu Skin Rewards program work? 

With Nu Skin Rewards, you will receive rewards and benefits based on how you use your subscription and continue to purchase your favorite products every month. The longer you stay on subscription the more rewards and perks you will be eligible to receive.   

How am I rewarded for continual use of my subscription? 

Nu Skin Rewards has no levels/tiers and no confusing point systems. It is simple and easy. Nu Skin Rewards is based on subscription orders. When you subscribe and purchase monthly products, you will continue to receive perks and save. When it comes to what is most important in this program, it is all about maintaining your monthly subscription, and that is it! No opt-ins, no extra work, just one subscription order a month and you are a part of it!   


Should you cancel your monthly subscription, you will not receive perks from this program. But you can always join again by setting up a subscription as a member or retail customer and start to buy every month again.


Simple, yet rewarding! 


Joining the Nu Skin Rewards Program 


How do I join the Nu Skin Rewards Program? 

All you must do is be on a subscription! That’s it. No opt-in, and no extra work. Just monthly subscription orders of the products you love. 


Is there a cost to join Nu Skin Rewards? 

No. There is no cost to join Nu Skin Rewards. 


Who is eligible to join Nu Skin Rewards? 

The Nu Skin Rewards program is available to Retail Customers and Members who are residents of the United States and at least 18 years of age or older and who provide and maintain a valid email address. Brand Affiliates are not eligible to participate.  If you become a Brand Affiliate after enjoying the benefits of Nu Skin Rewards, you will stop receiving these rewards, but there are other programs only available to Nu Skin Brand Affiliates. 


Are Brand Affiliates and above allowed to participate in Nu Skin Rewards? 

No, Nu Skin Rewards is for Members and Retail Customers only. 


Why are Brand Affiliates and above not allowed to participate in the program? 

Nu Skin Rewards is a program designed to reward and thank loyal customers for purchasing Nu Skin products. This in turn will help Brand Affiliates and above earn and maintain a loyal customer base. 


What am I agreeing to by participating in the Nu Skin Rewards program?

If you participate in Nu Skin Rewards, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Program Terms & Conditions, by the terms of our Privacy Policy,  Nu Skin Rewards Terms and Conditions, and by any changes or modifications we may make.


What is a Subscription?


What is the definition of subscription? Does that mean the same package every month?

A subscription is a recurring, monthly order. You can change products on your subscription each month online through Subscription Management. There are no time commitments and no order amount commitments.


Skipping Subscription or Placing a Hold

Are you able to skip and/or place a hold on a monthly shipment?

Yes. If you would like to skip and/or place a hold on your monthly shipment, you may do so by going online to or by contacting your local Support Center. By doing so however, you will have to start over on your consecutive monthly count in subscription. For example, if you have placed a subscription for 2 consecutive months, then decide to skip a shipment- you will start over with month 1 when you decide to reorder through subscription.

Tax on Rewards


Do I pay taxes when I receive rewards?
When you receive a free item, you will not be taxed on the free item. If you use a Voucher to partially pay for an item, you will be responsible for any additional cost, which may include shipping and taxes.


Will I be taxed on the total purchase amount before or after the discounted price?

Taxes are calculated based on the discounted price.


Subscription Pricing

How do we decide which products to offer at a better price?

Our list of subscription products comes directly from our loyal customers! We have created a specific list of products that are most popular for monthly consumption. By doing so, we can give a list of many products at an even better subscription price, so you will continue to get the products you love every month!


How do we decide which products to offer at a better price?

How will I know I am getting the best price? Our list of products will reflect a better price as you apply/add them to your subscription order.


Why do we pair Nu Skin Rewards with subscription?

We want to motivate and encourage our loyal customers and members to buy and receive more rewards/perks for doing so.  

If you have further questions, please contact our Support Center at, 1 (801) 345-9900.