Nu Skin will be launching a simpler program focused on subscriptions for customers and members. The new Program will be called Nu Skin Rewards. To find more details on the new program, please go here:



For those who have enJoy points, you must use them before June 30th, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. (MDT). Take advantage of the options available to you when using your current points. As of April 1, 2023, enJoy is not allowing you to earn more points, and it becomes a redemption only option until the deadline of June 30, 2023.



Sign up here, and during checkout, apply your points to save up to 100% off your order. Make sure to redeem before June 30, 2023!


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    How can I tell when my reward points are going to expire?
    An expiration date will be shown in your Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program account page. enJoy Reward points expire after 3 months. However, because the enJoy Rewards program is ending, the last day to use our enJoy points is June 30, 2023. 

    If I return a product or cancel an order, will the reward points I earned from those products be deducted from my reward point balance?
    Yes. When you return a product or cancel an order, the amount of reward points you have earned will be deducted from the total reward points on your account. (Reward points earned on an order are deducted when the order is refunded, and the return is settled).

    Are there products that are not eligible to earn reward points or redeem with reward points? 
    Yes. All products that do not qualify will be marked on the product purchase page. Limited time offers (LTOs), promotions and some packages are examples of products that may be exempt from earning reward points or being eligible for redemption with the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program. Also, reward points cannot be layered with other promotions (unless otherwise specified).

    Do I need to have enough reward points to pay for an entire product or transaction?
    No. You may redeem reward points as a partial payment for a larger transaction and make up the difference with the payment-type of your choice. In fact, due to the sunsetting of the program, you must use the points you have as you will not be able to earn any additional points.  




    When are my enJoy reward points awarded?
    Points have been already awarded to your account. The program will not allow for additional points to be earned. You should redeem the points you have before June 30, 2023.

    How can reward points be redeemed?
    Reward points may be redeemed directly through Nu Skin channels (online, on the phone or at Walk-in/Experience Centers) only until June 30, 2023.

    How can I see how many reward points I have available?
    You can check online in the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program account page. You will be able to see reward points available, redeemed, and points that are going to expire.

    Do I pay taxes and shipping costs when I use reward points?
    Yes, you will need pay for any applicable taxes and shipping costs ($3.99 USD) when using reward points.

    Can I return products that I have purchased with reward points?
    No. After June 30, 2023 the program will no longer be supported, so returns or exchanges are not allowed. If there is a damaged item during shipping Nu Skin policies will apply to handle such situations. 

    Can I use reward points at Experience Centers?
    Yes, but only until June 30, 2023. 

    Can I use reward points online or through the Nu Skin mobile shopping app?
    Yes. You may redeem reward points on a one-time order or on your “Ship Now” orders via the Nu Skin website or shopping app, but only until June 30, 2023. 

    Can anyone else use my reward points?
    No. Reward points are strictly non-transferable and may only be used by the account holder to whom they are awarded. Please keep in mind that individuals may not have more than one account in the Nu Skin system. If you are found to be duplicating accounts with enrollment in the Nu Skin enJoy Rewards program, both accounts will be terminated and all reward points cancelled.

    Will my reward points expire?
    Yes. After June 30, 2023 your points will no longer be available, or sooner depending on the date you earned them.

    Can reward points be used on promotional packages and items?
    No. Reward points cannot be used on promotional items, subscription packages, or event tickets.

    What are Rewards points equivalent to?
    Reward points are valued dollar-for-dollar. So, 10 reward points equals $10 (equivalent in your local currency). Redeeming reward points on purchases provides an even BIGGER discount on already exclusive discounted pricing.

    Will I be taxed on the total purchase amount before or after the discounted price?
    Taxes are calculated based on the discounted price.

    Can you use reward points on subscription packages?
    No. Reward points cannot be redeemed on subscription packages.




    Does my tier status expire?
    There is no tier status as of March 1, 2023, as the enJoy Rewards program is going into sunset. 

    What is the definition of subscription? Does that mean the same package every month?
    A subscription is a recurring, monthly order. You can change products on your subscription each month online through Subscription Management. There are no time commitments and no order amount commitments, 


    How often can you skip a monthly shipment on subscription orders?
    As often as you would like. However, for the Nu Skin Rewards, you will need to maintain subscription for consecutive months to earn some benefits on the program.

    Is there a limit when redeeming my points?
    No, you can use points to cover up to 100% of your order (product exclusions apply)

    Are Brand Affiliates and above allowed to participate in Nu Skin enJoy Rewards?
    No, Nu Skin enJoy Rewards is for Members and Customers only.