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The “Game changer in the skin care industry!

Your skin is distinct and unique! We understand this and wish to bring you a special set of skin care products customized for your very own skin. ageLOC Me – the strategic product of Nu Skin (head quarter in United States) – is the first skin care solution that has been customized for your own skin,

The international awards of ageLOC Me 

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Outstanding Product

More than 35 years of Anti Aging Science, with the exclusive application of anti aging ageLOC technology - ageLOC Me was developed from nearly 2000 skin care formulas and recipes to make sure you will find THE CUSTOMIZED SKIN CARE PRODUCT FOR YOUR VERY OWN SKIN! 

One Smart Device

Like a PERSONAL SKIN CARE ASSISTANT, ageLOC Me will learn from each person’s daily habit of taking care of their skin, remind you when you forget, automatically adjust the process and amount for each individual user depending on your hobby or your work/personal schedule.

This smart device will also notify you the remaining uses to make sure your skin care process is not interrupted.

What makes the differences? – YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: WHICH PRODUCT IS BEST FOR YOU, doesn’t matter what type of skin you have! You decide based on you skin codition, hobbies, and your personal living environment and lifestyle.

In depth and convenient Skin Assessment

ageLOCMe app also provides online skin assessment which you can access easily from your smart phone, to make it easy to evaluate and understand your skin's health and what your skin needs. You will easily manage the skin condition, the product.


YOUR OWN SKIN CARE PRODUCT will continue to change, based on your own decision! You are the one to customize it!

ageLOC ME understand that - more than anyone else, you know your skin the best! 

Are you ready for a skin care product customized for your own?

You are very special and unique!

Get ready to shine and be yourself every day with ageLOC Me.