Nu Skin Tradition of Innovation

Nu Skin's Tradition of Innovation

By Joe Chang, Ph.D.

Monday, December 13, 2010


By unlocking the secret of youth with ageLOC science, we have set the bar to new heights. It will take years for our competitors to copy what we do and by then, our ageLOC science will have advanced to yet another level of understanding. Truly, it’s “game over” for them and “game on” for us.

This tradition of innovation is nothing new for Nu Skin. Twenty-six years ago, Nu Skin set the bar for innovation by developing products that have “all of the good, none of the bad. “

Today, we continue that tradition. In fact, not too long ago, Nu Skin was named “Most Innovative Company” for the second time by the American Business Awards – another confirmation of our preeminent place in the industry as the leader in product and business innovation. This focus on innovation has now led us to a new approach to slowing aging. The recent discovery of gene expression science has created remarkable opportunities to improve health and longevity. We have taken the best that this science has to offer and created a new approach that we call ageLOC.

ageLOC, at its core, is about our ability to identify the ultimate sources of aging that we call ‘Youth Gene Clusters’ and then develop products that change the expression of these YGCs back to a more youthful state. In other words, ageLOC products now—and in the future—will help you look and feel younger longer. With ageLOC, we have accomplished the original mission of this company—to discover the secret of youth.

Every few years, Nu Skin introduces product technologies that transcend the category: the 6S Quality Process, the 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System, and the Galvanic Spa. And now, once again, we’ve broken the mold with ageLOC. It’s my belief that in the history of anti-aging, no product has ever been able to address aging at the fundamental sources until now. With ageLOC, we deliver the ultimate promise of living younger and feeling younger.

Clearly, we have raised the bar for innovation in the industry. While our competitors can only address the signs of aging, with ageLOC we can address aging at its source—the genetic level.

We have created an opportunity that you can leverage to grow your business now and in the future. Its only limitation is your imagination. You can choose to be a bystander, or you can join this once-in-a-lifetime revolution today. The choice, I think, is clear.