Ella Siroskey

Ella Siroskey


My TR90 transformation number: 9

What is your why?  Why did you want to participate in the TR90 program?

I injured my back the end of October 2012 and have 3 bulging discs in my spine. I have had limited mobility and strength since then in spite of physical therapy and an exercise regime. My desire to doTR90 was truly help relieve some of the pain and increase my strength and endurance. I want to look good in anything I wear. I used to be able to walk 3 miles a day 3 times a week when I was smaller, so I set my sites on that goal. When I took my initial photos, I was totally disgusted and swore I would never allow anyone to see them. That body in that photo was NOT how I saw myself! That body is not mine!


What is your transformation number and tell us a little bit about what it means?

My transformation number is 9. This number represents the size I plan to eventually get down to -- where I was the most comfortable with being in my body. I looked good in anything I wore and was able to be the most active physically. I had minimal pain in my bad knee and the weight I would be at this point should put less stress on my back. I can't wait to see what the next 90 days brings!


What are some key things you did to make sure you were getting adequate protein each day?

I followed the program and calculated out my requirements.  Adding protein boost to my shake helped make up the difference I needed. I was aware of what I needed and used the photos provided in the kit to guide me - fist, palm, etc. When we went out to dinner, I chose wisely on the menu what would provide me my protein requirements first.


What did you notice about how you felt while participating in the program?

This was the easiest program to follow - and I have been on all kinds of programs, since I have been yo-yo dieting all of my life.  I also found that my strength and endurance increased as I got further into the program. I participated in a Zumba class at Jumpstart 2014 and was able to get through the whole hour! I had to modify some of the movements due to my back injury and knee pain, but I did it! I wouldn't have been able to do that before I started TR90. All through the program I had no cravings and no hunger pangs. I found I had to use my watch to remind me to eat every 3 hours to keep my metabolism churning.


How many inches did you lose?

10.8 inches overall


How many pounds did you lose?

14.2 pounds


What advice would you give someone who is just starting out on the program?

Don't ever lose focus on your goal - don't make any judgements until you complete the whole 90 days. Don't look at the scale for your weight! Look at it for your body composition - your fat and muscle percentages.