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Discover the Best US Frequently Asked Questions


I keep hearing about the Discover the Best US, what is it?

The Discover the Best US is the launch of our next Billion Dollar Market, the United States. Our launch preview leader meetings begin in Salt Lake City on October 12th followed by the January 2020 Kickoff events and rollouts throughout 2020. 


What is the objective of the Best US Event?

The October 12th leadership preview is the first of many events that will make up this launch. On October 12th we will be Sharing the US Vison where you’ll have the opportunity to hear the pillars of Nu Skin’s opportunity that will accelerate your business in the US.


The US Market has been open for thirty-five years, why now?

Our Nu Skin business has expanded geographically to 50 countries with the US at its foundation. Our US leaders have built amazing teams abroad. Now, together, we believe the great frontier is the United States. The convergence of our superior position of leadership and innovation and gig economy trends make NOW the time for the United States to explode. 


Is this a different opportunity?

Nu Skin’s opportunity today is the undiscovered secret in the industry and gig economy. We wholeheartedly believe that through our leaders, we will be able to share the message of “Why Nu Skin, Why Now?” through a coordinated campaign which will be unveiled on October 12th with new assets to share with customers and opportunity seekers.


When will I be able to learn more about this opportunity?

You will want to make sure you are at the Discover the Best US event on October 12th. This event is where you will gain further understanding as to why you don’t want to miss out on being part of this opportunity. You will leave the event knowing our vision for the US and where the focus for growth will be for the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Most importantly, you’ll understand how you can be part of those plans.


What is the company’s role? 

Nu Skin is committing additional resources, a pipeline of products, and new business incentives developed by leaders for leaders to ignite US growth.


What is my role as a leader?

Make sure you and your teams are at the October 12th event! If your teams are unable to attend the Discover the Best US Event with you in October, schedule team training as soon as possible after the event. Help drive towards the business incentives we are offering right now, such as the Weekend Getaways, Double Sharing Bonus, and be prepared for new leader incentives that will be unveiled shortly. These incentives can help your team to advance through the Velocity Plan and retain as Brand Representatives—creating a team of leadership. Get your teams ready now so you can participate fully in 2020.


When will more details be released?

Look forward to receiving more details on October 12th at our Discover the Best US preview meeting in Salt Lake City. We have amazing things to share immediately following the October 12th event and throughout 2020.


Save the date now and plan to have you and your teams join us in Anaheim California at our Kick-off Event January 9-11th where we will celebrate the US launch and recognize your leadership. We are excited to see teams that are poised to seize market share in this billion-dollar marketplace. 


To sum up, the US market re-launch is comprised of the following:

  1. New pipeline of business building and social sharing products.
  2. New compensation and incentives to enhance our leadership driven Velocity Sales Performance Plan.
  3. New assets and materials focused on sharing the Vision for the US Market
  4. New events focused on market expansion
  5. New technology tools to support your business
  6. New campaign to share “Why Nu Skin, Why Now?” 
  7. …and more!


Is this a new opportunity?

YES! We’re looking forward to new ways to achieve our mission of empowering people to improve lives. It’s going to be faster, more flexible, and most importantly, fun! Join us!

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