LifeGen Partnership

LifeGen Partnership

By Joe Chang, Ph.D.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


A number of distributors have been asking about our partnerships with LifeGen. Let me briefly explain what this partnership entails and how it benefits Nu Skin.

LifeGen Partnership:
Nu Skin has signed a research, license, and development agreement with LifeGen Technologies to collaborate on anti-aging research that supports the company’s product strategy to target the sources of aging. More specifically, the relationship with LifeGen adds significant fuel to Nu Skin’s scientific engine with the exclusive advantage to continue to identify youth gene clusters and develop additional proprietary methods to reset gene activity to more youthful patterns.   

About LifeGen:            
LifeGen was co-founded in November 2000 by Drs. Richard Weindruch and Tomas A. Prolla, professors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and leaders in the fields of gerontology and genetics. The mission of LifeGen Technologies is to discover the genetic basis of the aging process with the goal of increasing a healthy life span. LifeGen's pioneering research has resulted in several pending patents, and on-going research is expected to yield additional, important intellectual property. Additionally, LifeGen has a patent application for the use of such "gene expression profiling" as a method to measure the progression of the aging process at the molecular level in individual organs.