Speaking Guidelines

Speaking Guidelines


Our products are truly unique and innovative, and there is a tremendous excitement about the results that distributors and consumers experience with our products and business opportunity. Please remember, however, that marketing claims that are not in harmony with applicable laws and our Policies and Procedures could jeopardize our ability to continue to successfully market these innovative products or put the company and/or distributors at risk for regulatory action. Please carefully review the following reminders:




• DO be truthful and not misleading

• DO be consistent with Nu Skin’s prestige brand standards and image—clean, tasteful, youthful, and aspirational

• DO only claim benefits consistent with Nu Skin’s substantiated and approved product benefits (text or photo)

• DO refer to Nu Skin marketing materials and Product Information Pages as a guideline for product claims

• DO provide a realistic portrayal of the benefits that most consumers may experience, including photos

• DO NOT claim that a product will treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition or that the product cured your own ailment—even if true

• DO NOT claim results that are outrageous, extreme, or “too good to be true” as they may not be substantiated or reflect a typical consumer’s experience




• DO be truthful and not misleading; claims must not imply the opportunity can help pay for groceries, children’s activities, medical expenses, car/house payments, or childcare

• DO emphasize the importance of developing customers and selling product to create a sustainable business

• DO share personal feelings about the integrity of Nu Skin and its uplifting culture

• DO share your story and describe how the Nu Skin business has positively impacted your life

• DO talk about the success that can come through hard work and patience; the roles of a balanced business must be accurately explained (retail sales, personal use, and sponsoring)

• DO share income potentials based on your actual experience or bonus commissions (limited to income from the Nu Skin business opportunity) that is not exaggerated, contains proper disclosure(s), and does not exceed the averages found in the Distributor Compensation Summary

• DO NOT make claims regarding the amount of time required to reach specific pin titles, success trips, or compensation levels

• DO NOT encourage people to quit jobs or school, take out loans, or incur debt

• DO NOT make claims or representations of retail profit, total sales revenue, or gross sales

• DO NOT make claims or imply luxury cars, homes, travel, etc. were earned solely through the Nu Skin business

• DO NOT offer or imply any guarantee of success or income, including related to following a system

• DO NOT represent that Nu Skin distributors are compensated for recruiting other distributors

• DO NOT use the following terms, or terms with similar meaning: risk-free, passive income, residual income, replacement income, financial freedom, or recurring income

• DO NOT express personal beliefs that are derogatory (i.e. against education, traditional employment, etc.)