An Investment in Innovation

LifeGen scientists and Joe
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Nu Skin has a legacy of reaching the future first with cutting edge science, groundbreaking product launches, and strategic, forward-thinking partnerships. Every day, in every way, we’re committed to growth and scientific innovation—to a constant investment in your future.


In fact, our latest acquisition of LifeGen Technologies will open new doors every day. Previously a partner in innovation, LifeGen is now the newest addition to the Nu Skin family. We’ve already achieved incredible things together…and now our success is about to be amplified exponentially.


This acquisition represents our most powerful instrument of success yet and is a marriage that means faster innovation, revolutionary products, and limitless possibilities.


LifeGen’s Anti-Aging Genetic Database

At the heart of it all is the LifeGen anti-aging database, the largest collection of anti-aging gene expression data of its kind. And it now belongs exclusively to Nu Skin—which means, exclusively to you. It is your personal access to the most cutting edge anti-aging solutions ever.


With more than 30 years of expertise in gene expression research, this acquisition enables us to mine the database for vital aging-related genes. That means over half a billion genetic data points collected and analyzed and counting. This is only the beginning.