Kim & David Russell

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Saving Morning Glory Ranch (MGR), their nonprofit equine therapy facility designed to educate children differently, especially children with behavioral challenges and other issues, and revolutionizing how nonprofits are funded, was the “why” that motivated Kim and David Russell to become Nu Skin distributors. Kim, M.Ed., Founder and Executive Director of MGR, had a strong background in education and biology/biochemistry and studying the mitochondrial function of children with ADHD. A professed self-starter, Kim loves to create and problem solve. And saving her nonprofit was just the inspiration she needed to build a successful Nu Skin business.


Guided by leaders like Dr. Bill and Julie Toth, Kim built a solid customer base and advanced quickly. And it wasn’t the titles that motivated her, it was watching the lives of her clients’ families change. “Increasing the magic of Morning Glory Ranch … that is what kept driving me forward,” she says. As her success with Nu Skin increased, she and David had more time to support MGR. Once she could see how her Nu Skin business was benefiting the ranch, Kim began to envision a new facility. “I was feeling pretty grateful … my focus began to shift,” she says. “Helping everyone feel the joy and elation that comes from changing lives was now a priority.”


Kim loves to share the MGR/Nu Skin story and show that “anything is possible with the right partners.” She stays focused by staying in a state of gratitude and creation, and says Nu Skin has renewed her faith in humanity. Today the Russells provide life-changing services to over 200 children a week at their new, expanded ranch, with plans to build more wellness facilities around the country. And for those just beginning their Nu Skin dreams, she advises distributors to “take risks, no matter how it turns out, hug a lot and smile often.”

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