Is There a Healthy Tan?

Lighten Up on Sun Exposure

Did you know that you can take control of one of the most significant skin cancer risk factors by consciously reducing your exposure to UV light? And if youthful, healthy looking skin sounds attractive, you've just discovered yet another good reason to stay in the shade. UV damage to the skin is largely responsible for the lines, wrinkles, and discoloration associated with premature aging.

To prevent the danger and damage associated with sun exposure, experts recommend avoiding direct sunlight whenever possible and protecting your skin when exposure is necessary or inevitable. And don't be fooled by indoor tanning's false promise—some studies indicate that the UVA and UVB radiation of tanning beds and booths may be more dangerous than natural sunlight. Your best bets for safe fun in the sun are sunscreens (when correctly applied and reapplied) and protective clothing (including hats).1

Sunless Tanning Lotions Get the Gold (and the Bronze)

In the quest for a safe, healthy glow, sunless tanning lotions deserve a medal. Advances in skin care product technologies have made the once streaky-orange alternative to a natural tan a beautiful, authentic looking reality. The latest sunless tanners utilize cutting edge formulas that go on evenly and develop into warm, natural tones. For providing the look of an afternoon by the pool without the damaging effects of sun exposure on your health and appearance, sunless tanners get a perfect 10.

So whether you're spending time outdoors for relaxation, recreation, or because it's a part of your job, using a sunless tanner and sun protection is the smart way to work and play!

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