How do I get Scanned?

How Do I Get Scanned?

How do I get scanned?
Are you interested in getting scanned and finding out your own Skin Carotenoid Score? Contact a Pharmanex Distributor near you.

Locate a Scanner operator
Pharmanex is the exclusive owner of the patented BioPhotonic Scanner technology. Scanners are available to the general public through the Pharmanex network of independent Distributors, who specialise in health education and nutritional supplementation.

There are three ways to find a Pharmanex Distributor:
1. Please contact your referring Distributor to arrange a scan appointment.
2. Click here to locate a Pharmanex Distributor near you who can tell you more about the Scanner and set you up for a scan.
3. Or contact our office, and we will refer you to the closest Distributor in your area.