Lilian Ong

Lilian Ong

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                       Team Elite 1 Year

“Desire is the key to motivation but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success that you seek.”

Lilian Ong

Articulate, precise and possessing a level of awareness that’s paramount to success in the Nu Skin business, Lilian is a go-getter who will not let anything stop her once she has identified her goals. This potent mix of undeterred determination and sassiness is what propelled this ex-Sales Director in the media industry to qualify as a Team Elite Member for the second time.


“I feel very happy to re-qualify as a Team Elite Member while having to take care of my young son and family. This shows the flexibility of this opportunity to allow anyone at any situation to build a business and achieve success with it. Very often, I meet prospects who are much more capable and talented than me. If only they are willing to move out of their comfort zone, they can achieve bigger success than I had.”


Lilian’s Nu Skin journey started when she was looking for a better avenue to make a good living for her family. “My husband, mother and son are my energy sources to keep giving my best in the business. In addition, my commitment to my downlines and upholding my reputation towards excellence continually drives me forward.”


But personal dedication is only one part of the equation. The other part depends on one’s willingness to fit into the bigger scheme of things. “Alignment of one’s goals to that of the team is key to magnify returns through leveraging on each other’s strengths. There must be an alignment of strategy, methodology, and most importantly, attitudes and beliefs in order to double your results.”


Furthermore, the business empowers one with a great ability to give in all aspects of the human experience – beauty, health and wealth, and provides a way to inspire others to be better than they are. “Nu Skin has given us great products and a rewarding compensation plan to improve the lives of people in so many ways. And in the process of uplifting others, we feel uplifted as well. It is a win-win business.”


In appreciation of her ‘uplift’ yet again as a Team Elite Member, Lilian would like to specially thank her family, especially her husband for his utmost support. She’s also very grateful to 10 Millionaire Circle Award and 10-year Team Elite Members, Angela and Rayne for leading by example and also to 1 Millionaire Circle Award and 2-year Team Elite Members, Ong Gee and Jenny for their friendship and inspiration. Lilian looks forward to drive to the business to new heights with a continuous line of Millionaire Circle Award members!