Yanathon & Pakanan Thanasom

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Yanathon & Pakanan Thanasom Blue Diamond, Jul 2011


    Our attitude of success is, “Success is not a destination, it is a journey of commitment.” Blue Diamond is only a start of the journey. We all have our fears, some of us let that get in the way of our success, but some people put in their maximum commitment, and in Nu Skin you get back much more than you put in, and we can or can’t do as much as you think.


    We have to ask ourselves “Why” we are doing what we do, if you have the “Why” cleared, then we will not stop until we get what we want. We have maximize our input in the last 2 years, we have even worked 7 days a week to get to where we are now because we understand that we have to work hard for a short period to gain our time and financial freedom!!

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