Thananrath & Nalinpas Puwitjaruwat


Thananrath & Nalinpas Puwitjaruwat

1 year Presidential Director


We have worked in the field we graduated from. Noom worked for 6 years. The first 5 years were in the science lab. As for the final year, working in the way that I would like to do before graduating is Sale because it has good income and is a challenging career. But not as we dreamed, because the cell profession is an endless sale And have an uncertain income.

As for Som-O for 3 years, working in the Production Engineer of the auto parts factory, but what happens is that we change jobs every year. We feel that working regularly is not the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlike. We want the word "freedom", so come out to open a small private business. Both the storefront and sell online. But in the end, we got the answer that we do not own a business But business is the owner of our lives instead Life works harder than before because there is no big time and the profit that we think will be. Returned to drowning in all stocks Finally, both of us are looking for some opportunities to find the word "freedom" until we meet the Nu Skin business and think that this decision will change our lives forever.

We know the Nu Skin business from our school friends, Mr. Theerat. After talking, we found that the Nu Skin business can be done all over the world and is also a relaxing business. So we think that this Nu Skin business will allow us to find freedom. That we are looking for Having time to live with family when we need it. We have the right to choose what we love and to follow our dreams.

We never focus on any problems or obstacles. Problems along the path encountered in business and life. We look at a very small matter. But we only focus on the goal. We choose to believe people to succeed and to follow people to succeed. This is how our short paths are to think like, speak and act as accomplished people.