Siwaporn Suratossaporn


Siwaporn Suratossaporn

1 year Presidential Director


I am actually like other ordinary person who is in a usual family that asks me to get good grade from university and get a good job. I ended up working in an accounting field right after I graduated without the desire of wanting to be an employee. Working in a company did emphasis me that life of like this was truly unhappy, so I decided to resign and had my own coffee shop. However, it lasted only 4 months before I closed it down. Although I earned quite a lot from my coffee shop, I did not have time for myself. At last I knew that neither a business owner nor employee is what I want.

My breakpoint that I decided to do business with Nu Skin, started from the impression I had with the Galvanic Facial Spa which shown me an obvious difference in 5 minutes. At that time, I thought that I might succeed, thought I wasn’t good at speaking. I spent 6 months, working together with my full-time job, to earn 3 times more than my basic salary a month. I, then, resigned from my full-time job.

No matter how big your goal is. No matter what type of problems you have to face are. Every difficulty will be overcome as long as you do it with happiness.

And with the belief and commitment that I have with Nu Skin, many of my dreams already come true. I can have my own room near BTS sky train, my first car and my overseas trip and so on that I will never get it from other businesses.

It’s like I have a new life that I can work freely. I can work wherever I want and whenever I feel like. I have time to take care of my family as well as myself. I have never felt that being with Nu Skin is a kind of work. It is more like part of my happy daily life. I have enough spare time to go shopping or do whatever I want. It does attach other people, so many people come ask and want to join the business. Moreover, this business changes me a lot from a shy girl to be the confident one. My parents are so proud of me and they also love Nu Skin like what I do. Nu Skin is like my second home which full of love, support and friendship. This business makes me feel worth living which I can’t get it from anywhere.