Saya Wattanapanyasiri & Pakakul Pongpruethakot


Saya Wattanapanyasiri & Pakakul Pongpruethakot

4 years Presidential Director


"Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try."

Both of us started this business and thought that it would be our part time job. At that time, we didn’t have goals or anything until we get thought all the experiences and understand this business clearly. Once we decided to have a goal, we only focus on it and within a year we reached Team Elite pin title and became 8-star-creator.

Our secret is using heart to run business. We use our heart to do anything. We talk openly and we also work together with only heart and focus. As a result of that, our organization grows every year. Besides, thanks to the BDM strategy, we can expand our team easily.

We also want to tell those who just start the business not to give up and not to let anyone destroy your dream. You must listen to your heart and if you wish to be free, following Nu Skin strategy must be an answer. If you really focus on it, you will surely receive it.