Pitchaya & Pramet Rungsawatdiphong


Pitchaya & Pramet Rungsawatdiphong

1 year Presidential Director


"Walk honorably. Do it proudly. Dream big. Focus on everything you do."


This success brings prestige to our family since achieving a Team Elite means that we completely reach the very top of Nu Skin. We have to admit that there is no other level can make us as much proud as a Team Elite. However, we won’t stop here since our team is still working and want to succeed like we do. Of course, our success this time is from our team including our uplines and downlines. What we want to do is to pass on success to those downlines like what our uplines did. Our lives have been changed after doing Nu Skin Business in terms of maximizing income and freedom of time. We can now dream bigger despite the question I had in the first place whether or not Nu Skin was the right choice for us. I believe that some of you may have the same question. What I can say here is to eye it yourself. Today, we got the answer for such question and we realize that Nu Skin is right for us.


Success in Nu Skin is not out of reach. You all can make it because it’s a business that requires low investment and even no work experience.


May I give you some tips for doing Nu Skin Business? Every morning you leave home to do your work, please do as the followings:

- Make each step a confident one, confident in the products and in yourself

- Follow your work plan and make it achieved each day

- Find the right way to solve the problems while holding only positive attitudes.


Your destination is a great success. See you there!