Phiraya Taepanich & Woraphon Mai-ngam


Piraya Taepanitch and Worapon Mai-ngam

1 year Presidential Director


My feeling towards this valuable achievement:- Of course, it is not possible to be any happier than this. With my power of belief and power of action, I have gained greater self-confidence. No matter how challenging this mission is, with all those powers, I can eventually make it. And you, too. Hold your belief and keep doing it as a routine. If you feel too weak to carry on your mission, stick tightly with your belief. It will give you power to fight against all difficulties in the way. Finally, you will beat everything, even your mind. I can say that the best medication to heal the enthusiasm loss is ‘your own belief’.

My success is attributed to my self-learning and self-development. I have picked up good things around me, from other leaders, distributors, or even Nu Skin staff. Also, I make myself as a role model for my team, encouraging them to set their goals, and take action regularly. I emphasize the importance of belief in the way that it’s a key to any door they want to open. I think the top role of being a leader is to be a good example for the team and make sure they get enough support.

For those of you who are looking for a good opportunity, ask yourself what you really want to achieve and how? Some jobs may be able to pay you well, but you need to risk your health for it. In Nu Skin family, you don’t need to choose among good health, good look, or good pay. This business can provide you all, plus the opportunity to help others succeed like you do. It’s the best business ever. It’s Nu Skin.