Phanit Tempithak & Ganya Charoonkollarak


Phanit Tempithak & Ganya Charoonkollarak

1 year Presidential Director


"Go out and help the others !!"

Going back 6 years ago, the two of us were impressed with Nu Skin products, which gave us an opportunity to enter Nu Skin business. Of course, success in Nu Skin for us was initially It's a matter of time freedom. And health more than anything else due to being both SME entrepreneurs before causing us to spend time and total physical strength. Dedicated to managing our business to the best causing the slightest mistake or damage. We are like a watchman for business. Who couldn't really get anywhere lived there for ten years until physical and mental health gradually decay continuously without knowing it

Today we are happy every day. To have the opportunity to share the good stories of Nu Skin with many people around. Well known or unknown before and even more remarkable was the freedom that was granted this time. Not just limited to time and health only but also expanded to another dimension of finance.

And at the point that is the most successful here. Both of us would like to say to emphasize to everyone that Nu Skin is a good business experience that we have a passion for. And don't hesitate to tell your fellow human friends that you will never end ... Go out and help the others !!