Pattamaporn Jaijan & Chayanisa Jaijan


Pattamaporn & Chayanisa Jaijan

1 year Presidential Director


In just 5 years, the eight-digit income from Nu Skin business was unexpected, even though life costs didn't have anything. For the life of an office worker whose salary is less than ten thousand baht If working at the office It will take a lifetime to save this amount. The Nu Skin business has created confidence for us and many of our team that this business able to shorten the duration of work all life to find really "freedom".


This amount of income is just the beginning of the journey to freedom. What is more than that income is we have developed ourselves, learn the reality of life, found many good friendships in this business. Realize that life has a goal all the time. Have confidence and faith in yourself If we focus on the goal all the time, the universe will send everything to us. With the power of attraction.


"The fight is not the end, aside from we are not successful, it’s mean that we wasted time. If you want to be successful today, must fight to the end regardless have to exchange with anything, Must fight !!! and you will definitely be the one to succeed. "