Niraporn Kaewtippayanet & Jiraporn Pakdeephan


Niraporn Kaewtippayanet & Jiraporn Pakdeephan

2 years Presidential Director


To lead people , lead by good example , lead by your heart and walk beside them


When I was young I hate to be a leader because I don't like to take responsibility to others. But when I grow up I know if I don't change , I won't get what I really want so I try my best to be a good follower at the beginning


Once I made decision to become a leader, I know it s time to change. I'm so lucky I have good role models from my uplines" Trin & Jirawan Vichaidith. My life's is totally changed , Nu Skin and my uplines changed my life


Leading in Nu Skin is totally different from other businesses because no one is a boss. U can't tell people what to do if u don't show them by being an example, you should love your team and lead them by heart , you want to help your team to achieve their goals and change their life. During their path of success they might fear, get confused , worried , tired and wanna give up all the time , you should be there for them and walk side by side with your team.