Nicharat Jeeraamornpan


Nicharat Jeeraamornpan

1 year Presidential Director


Many people are scare and start to create their own barrier, preventing them from success. Further, those usually find themselves excuse of not being successful. Do you believe that only if we are brave enough to determine, success will always be around.


I had a very clear goal which was “having time to take care of my kid and be secured at the same time”. Hence, I started to plan in order to get long-lasting income, so I decided to be a Team Elite as well as be a 4star creator in 2015 which also get support from the BDM STAR strategy and lastly attended 100+4 program.


The first goal: the idea of being a Team Elite meant that I had to have 16 executive as my front line. Recruiting new blood in my organization is like searching gold in mine, which I lastly found 4 new stars.


The second goal: the idea of creating stars meant that I had to shape the diamonds and lead them to be the next leader.


The third goal: is to multiple stars. This means that I had to change over 100 people’s lives in my organization. It is like searching the right people in depth. We can’t create our own 20 stars within a year, so we tend to help our down line search for their stars.


Achieving every target in 1 year begins from the belief that everything is possible if you really aim to achieve it and take action. Lastly, I want to cheer everyone up. For those who has a dream and goal, just do not give up and stop until you reach it.