Nattha Thanonthanarat & Nutthanon Sirisophapirom


Nattha Thanonthanarat & Nutthanon Sirisophapirom

3 years Presidential Director


"Risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."


After I graduated from Thammasat University, I had never thought of being an employee because I truly dislike routine jobs. Besides, I also think that the salary would surely never be enough for taking care of my family. Therefore, I decided to work with my aunt because I knew that she earned a hundred million from her own business, so I wanted to learn and have my own business like that too. However, when I really filled her shoes, I enlighten that I would never have time of my own. One day, Nu Skin popped up in my life. Thanks to the Galvanic Spa that made me really into this business. Both of us have been running Nu Skin business and it is worth doing since it gives us time, money and it teaches us to be a better person. We are happy working here and even more than happy to be in this business.


Just ask yourself if the things you are doing can change your life or not. If it cannot answer your demand then I would advise you to come across your scariness and come to Nu Skin business. As we already said, Nu Skin answers everyone’s needs.