Naphabongkoch Phuphadasawat & Peerinphong Sintuprapa


Naphabongkoch Phuphadasawat & Peerinphong Sintuprapa

4 years Presidential Director


"You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul"

The day that I knew Nu Skin, at that time I was just ordinary housewife who raise the young child at home, then my close friend sent message via LINE with this question “wanna be chic and rich? ”This made me smile, so I reply her that I’m interested and that time is the beginning of my Nu Skin journey. I felt so excite with people in Nu Skin which look so young and when I knew about sales compensation plan, I realize that if I work as employee, I couldn’t gain six figure income

In first period of my Nu Skin I have no car and knew few people. I travel to work by bus from Sampran to Chamchuri (head office) almost everyday, someday I have to bring my child to work together until one day that I have to face with my critical time in couple life which make me had no chance to stay with my child but I’d like to thanks Nu Skin to make me strong. I always told myself that I must prove that ordinary child of guard officer like me able to transforming life

I still remember the first day that only little sum of money in my purse but today I afford to give it to my mom in five figures every month. We also buy new car from Nu Skin income, spend my free time with kids and the most happiness is to help other ordinary people like us to transform their life in better way. Thanks to all level of upline for always help and thanks to Nu Skin to make us look great and gain more income, many of my dream lists became true because of Nu Skin opportunity