Muntana Subcharoenpun


Muntana Subcharoenpun

1 year Presidential Director


My success this time was inspired by 3 main factors. First, decision which came from my great goal drove me to continuously work hard every day. Once I chose Nu Skin as vehicle to success, I aimed for a Team Elite which was a proof whether my decision was right or not. Second, I started my first team, only me, before enlarging to a huge team like today. Each team member has his/her own goal, but we all chose Nu Skin as a vehicle. Thus, we all help one another very well. We all want to be successful. We all aim at the same direction. We both need to succeed fast in order to be a good example for the rest of the team, in other words, passing on the success and happiness in team. Third, obstacles are common in any businesses, but what makes us stand tall to be able to fight against them is ‘a certain mind’, no turning back until we reach the target.


Nu Skin Business can help better people’s attitudes, or even economy and society. Apart from high income and honorable pin, I expand my vision by taking a Team Elite trip to France. Other than leaders in Thailand, Nu Skin has a great deal of leaders from around the world. To me, this is a great start to enjoy a real freedom that I have long anticipated for.


If compare a business with a vehicle, Nu Skin can be the fastest jet because it can change your life incredibly in a very short period of time. However, to ride on any kinds of vehicle, a driver should learn how to drive carefully. Similar to Nu Skin, you, as a distributor, should learn how to do business carefully. A weak determination and distraction can cause relinquishment.


Life is important, so please don’t waste it. Strongly focus on everything you do. Think big and do big. Success is from improving yourself to be a great leader while being so is from being good at solving problems.