Chongkolnee Nisitsukcharoen & Aree Jongkasemsuk


Chongkilnee Nisitsukcharoen & Aree Jongkasemsuk

1 year Presidential Director


"Do not lessen your dream but just attempt more"

Talking about myself, I am the ordinary person who was taught to learn as much as I can and get a good job later. I spent about 20 years working for 6 companies until I reached high position and got paid very well. However, what I totally missed were time and happiness.

I initially knew Nu Skin because of its products. It clearly made my parents have better health. Hence, I started to learn more about it and it suddenly leaded me to Business opportunity. After I am with Nu Skin for quite a while, what I learned is to have goal, which I can’t learn it from anywhere. Now, I can say that I am able to create my own routine as I don’t need to work until I get 60. I also have my own leisure time and my own great day every day. The truth I keep telling everyone say is you can’t expect different results when you take the same actions.

Nu Skin doesn’t only give us enormous income but also a chance to develop myself. Everything in this business let us create my own clear big goal. Moreover, I finally know that helping other is one of my successes. Lastly, I must say that today success is only a first step I have made and it is not from my 100% ability. My success today is from my belief, effort and endurance.