Vuntanee Logprasert & Mahaparn Kaewsit


Vuntanee Loyprasert & Mahaparn Kaewsit

Circle of Excellence I
1 year Team Elite Platinum
1 year Presidential Director


"If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you lost"


Leader in my perspective is the one who achieve success and able to be a good example for others. He or she must also be dedicated, patient and desire to help team to achieve accomplishment as well as be a good follow.


Now, with Nu Skin, we have to adapt ourselves, both working style and concept, to get involve with Nu Skin 3.0 since everything has been changing so far such as 1on1 presentation has been replaced by new communication technologies such as Line, Facebook and that makes things go further faster. Nu Skin also taking main role for providing electronic media online like products information, shopping online and online payment.


At the same time, new generation of distributors whose age between 20 and 40 that use Facebook, Line and Instagram started to teach distributors from baby boomer generation, those who have faced Nu Skin 1.0 and 2.0, to adapt themselves and leads to the growth of their organization rapidly.

And lastly, with BDM strategy, which are be a star and duplicate stars, also takes role as a short cut to success easily. Many of my team members already followed this strategy successfully and has tangible results which makes others trust in and therefore, we create more follows which finally make good and powerful team.