Suparat & Suneerat Sangvirojkul


Suparat & Suneerat Sangvirojkul

Circle of Excellence I
7 years Presidential Director


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a real leader"


I guess my ex-work life is not so much different from that of others, working hard for monthly salary. I also did a part-time job as a self-employed salesperson. Khun Suneerat was a state officer while working a part-time job at the private hospital. We worked so hard to pay our bills. The more money we needed, the harder work we did. At that time, we barely had saving money. After we have done Nu Skin business for 10 years, our lives have been changed a lot. We achieved the earning of huge income in the first month and it greatly improved our life quality. Other than that, we’ve improved ourselves in terms of self confidence, better personality, and positive attitudes.


With the achievement of Million Dollar Circle Member which was our goal right after we entered the business, we are proud and confident that we are in the right path. Nu Skin provides us all good things. Plus, it encourages us to do the greater thing which is to drive our team to achieve a Million Dollar Circle as well.


See You At The Top.