Sahatad & Pakakorn Nutithawat


Sahatad & Pakakorn Nutithawat

Circle of Excellence I
11 years Presidential Director


"Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going."


"Wake Up and take control of your live."


I started this business by wanting my father and mother have a good life, retire and do not have to worry about finances makes me search for anything and willing to work hard to have an income that helps families to live a comfortable life. Then my sister invited me to know Nu Skin


From the beginning of the role of being a child that wants parents to be comfortable. My parents now retire worry-free and live a life that many people envy. That is the first mission that I have accomplished. My second mission is to build a business for the next generation, my children. I can't imagine of what my life will be like if I didn't decide to do Nu Skin. Everything in life, I believe that we must take action continuously. But the continuous work for salary is no way for you to have the word "freedom." I continually do Nu Skin. In exchange for freedom.


Moreover, Nu Skin and Pharmanex products help us and my beloved family and friends to stay young and healthy. Nu Skin also gave us endless opportunities to design our own lifestyle, the way we want. This includes time and freedom.


We enjoy discovering and learning new experience. For us, “Live young” refers to an endless physical and mental power to live happily in this spectacular world.


Thanks to Nu Skin for the impressive vision to be instruments in improving other people’s lives.