Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri & Soncedar Teanpakkul


Ratchadawan Ingkawimonsri & Soncedar Teanpakkul

Circle of Excellence I
2 years Team Elite Platinum
11 years Presidential Director


The success always finds the ways, the failure always find the excuses.


To achieve MDC member is the thing we deserved for it because the excellence compensation plan that Nu Skin designed, help us to gain the high revenue especially ageloctm which lead against other rivals. It’s make us feel trust and also think that the next step not so far to reach. It’s just a fair game, the more we did the more we gain.


For myself, I experienced of business owner which bring about business comparison with Nu Skin. I dare to say that it absolutely difference like my up-line said “Temporary tired, do not tired in whole life” Nu Skin create truly leverage income for me. Now, I have fully freedom in life I can choose wherever I want to go or work which make my life so comfy without any pressure from things we can’t control. Nu Skin also helps me look younger than age, my eyes are delightful and I also wish I could make everyone got better life like me, because I have the numerous impressive stories at Nu Skin such as wrong age guessing by others even they used to guess older than actual age turn into younger than actual age almost 10 years and also gain a lot of gorgeous experiences.


The achievement of this business not happened because you are skillful but it happened because of diligent and never give up attitude. We work every single day with happiness and strong believe. It surely that the return is not only tangible amount of revenue but more than that is to help other people gain happiness and achievement like us. There is no kind of business which make us become the giver like Nu Skin.