Rapatsith Sasinonpakorn & Duanpen Somponthaweekul



Circle of Excellence I
2 years Team Elite Platinum
3 years Presidential Director


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. "

We decide to choose the "last home for Network Marketing”.

We found Nu Skin Business Opportunity from Khun Trin - Jirawan Vichaidith we got to know Nu Skin as we did not know before, and the phrase "The company must be a lifelong partner". Then, we are dedicated to do the business with 100% hard work.

Success today, our lives have changed. Whether it is income, which is more than a regular job. And most importantly, it is free to build a business. We can choose a business partner and set a working time. We are happy every day. Every day is not like work. But it is to live.

5 years ago, the more we success, we find that there is something we still need to learn a lot. Because we are going to create "New Legendary Lecture" to take place at Nu Skin.

If you are taking this opportunity in your hands. You are in the best land. You will be lucky if you are a good seed and take fully action.