Prasert Thuncharoon & Wanida Montientong


Prasert Thanjaroon and Wanida Montienthong

Circle of Excellence I
1 year Presidential director


"If we are positive with our thought, our action, and our contribution, we will receive positive returns"


“Our Million Dollar Circle Member perfectly represents Nu Skin’s wealth Maximization”

Our journey in Nu Skin began with a simple step towards the goal of freedom, security, and happiness. Along the way, we have constantly experienced freedom of life along with the joy. It’s hard to believe that Nu Skin could give us this much.


Nu Skin is a business that gives you greater opportunity than the counterparts. No matter who you are or how much investment you have, you can be a part of Nu Skin family. Open your mind and learn more about this business. We used to doubt about Nu Skin but after we went through it well, we found that Nu Skin is a business that gives low risks, promotes flexi working, requires low investment and no boss as well as no subordinate. Its sales performance plan that grants 5% commission to 6 levels is good for endless income. By realizing this, we decided to work our regular jobs together with Nu Skin. We have focused on our goals while continuously working hard for it.


It’s true that “Nu Skin is a business stressing on offering multiplied income, unlike other counterpart businesses.”


Our MDC achievement reflects our power of contribution. With our support, there are 40 members in my team achieving 1 million Baht. However, we never stop here. Our goal is to constantly increase the number of people in such category, from 100 to 200, 300,400 and so on. This is the evidence to prove that Nu Skin can bring you the new future and even the new you.


Throughout our journey in this business, we would like to thank:


My team……………….. for your trustworthy and your hard work with great compassion.
My uplines…… for your quality advice, your great support, and your impressive role model.
My Nu Skin peers…. for the enjoyable working atmosphere you create.
My Nu Skin……….. for training us to be a great leader who are able to spread positive forces to others.


We believe our success today will be yours in the future because:

We are the positive force.
If we are positive with our thought, our action, and our contribution, we will receive positive returns.
We will be successful