Narinrat Kriengteerasorn

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I graduated from computer science and continued my further education in business. Before I resigned and joined Nu Skin. I was a project manager at KTB Computer Services. I have to admire that I loved my job so much, so I dedicate my life and time to it. Nevertheless, when 20 years passed, I saw some barriers and they became clearer every day. When I talked about barriers, I was talking about freedom, health and wealth freedom. Later, Nu Skin came into my life, so I really knew to take care of myself. Besides, I also learnt to take good care of people I love like my family and friends. But the most important thing I also want to tell everyone is the opportunity that Nu Skin gave me, the greatest business opportunity.

I am so happy working with Nu Skin. What I like most is win-win system that Nu Skin provides us. It makes me have chance to share this opportunity to anyone I want. Today, I am a member of 1MDC circle and today is the day that Nu Skin Thailand will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. I strongly believed that I have already done my best to build trust for this business in term of its products and opportunity.

My 5 rules that I believe they will empower myself and the rest to achieve success are

  1. Be a good person
  2. Work consistency
  3. Always be open to learn
  4. Develop leadership skills
  5. Trust in Nu Skin, its system, team and yourself
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