Manassanan & Chanoknart Somkiatkul


Manassanan & Chanoknart Somkiatkul

Circle of Excellence I
1 year Team Elite Platinum
4 years Presidential Director


"Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are DONE”


We still remember what I really felt, when I received the first message from the company that we’ve got 1 million baht commission from the very first year that we joined Nu Skin. At that time, we were very happy and decided to continue expanding our organization, until we met the achievement of 10 million baht in forth year. Then a year later, we had a big surprised that we achieve 20 million baht commission and what more than we dreamed was that we have lastly reached the success of getting MDC member!


Those happenings are important to us and they also reinforce the vision of Nu Skin that it will be a direct selling company where distributors will earn more than other places. Nu Skin has changed us a lot, as well as our family, in a lot better way. Moreover, what we really received is the happiness that we can see people around us smiling and having a better life. We are truly happy to see our team having a better live and it proves that real happiness is about sharing good things to others.


We only made a decision once, quickly, in order to transform our lives. We already decided that we have to change and we will reach success. Only once we dare to change ourselves, we will never be tired for a whole life. Doing a business with Nu Skin is not so different from planting a big tree. We only need to stay strong and never stop planting our tree. Even though there will be heat from the sun or heavy rain, you must keep on planting, watering, and fertilizing your tree every day. And it won’t take that long. Your tree called Nu Skin will bear fruit for you to eat forever.